Huzzah! Join us! October 12-13 2019

301 West 2nd Street, Kuna, Idaho 83634, United States

Amazing Fun for the Whole Family!





Schedule of Events

Main Stage


Grass Stage


Minstrel stage


*Story Tellers, Dancers, and wandering musicians welcome at any time.


Armored Combat League

The Iron Mountain Warriors are excited to present a contest of skill, and mastery in the medieval forms of warfare.  Competitors will be coming from around the region, many of which are ranked in World Competitions!  Come and witness the spectacle that is the Armored Combat League, a truly Extreme Sport.

Tournament Schedule



Society For Creative Anachronism

Rapier Fighting

The SCA has experts in Spanish, and Italian Rapier fencing, as well as armored cpmbat in the traditional styles.  Throughout the Faire they will hold demonstrations of different fighting styles and if you are lucky there may even be an opportunity to get in the ring yourself and learn how it is done!

Dance Demos

The SCA will be holding demonstrations on traditional folk dances, and may even offer the opportunity for a few lucky individuals to join them in the dance arena.



Who is Belegarth?

 Belegarth Medieval Combat Society (or Belegarth, for short) is a  live-action battlegame organization devoted to simulating Dark Age and  medieval combat. Participants may focus on history, but are also free to  include elements of fantasy such as those from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of  the Rings. 

Join the Action

Right across from the ACL tournament you can try your hand at the action with foam swords!  Join us for a weekend of fun and fighting!


If you would like to be presented as a performer or entertainer please fill out the form below and send it in!  We showcase all kinds of performers, and welcome the opportunity to see anyone showcase their talents!

Idaho Renaissance Faire Performer Proposal 2018 (pdf)