Huzzah! Join us! October 12-13 2019

301 West 2nd Street, Kuna, Idaho 83634, United States

Amazing Fun for the Whole Family!


General Admission

Ages 0 - 4:        Free
Ages 5 - 14:      $5.00

Ages 15 +:         $10.00


The Idaho Renaissance Faire recognizes the services provided to our community and those who provide that service.  In an effort to provide thank to those who have worked, and do work so hard for us on a daily basis we provide a $5.00 discount to first responders, veterans, military personnel, and senior citizens.  We feel it is not only a service we can provide for those who have made it possible for us to be here today, but also our duty to return the service these men and women have done for us.  (ID required)