Huzzah! Join us! October 12-13 2019

301 West 2nd Street, Kuna, Idaho 83634, United States

Amazing Fun for the Whole Family!

Meet Our Sponsors


The Idaho Renaissance Fair is a family event, with a medieval theme based in Idaho. The event takes place yearly, during the summer for two weekends. The Faire is the leading summer event for Idaho families, and sponsors are welcome to help with the event. The Faire features music and acting performances, with the theme heavily leaning on the medieval times. 


Sponsors are encouraged to help with the fair, since the Faire is an amazing family event, with a lot of fun and educative activities. Sponsors will not be disappointed since the Faire does hold a massive local following, with the attendance being in the thousands in recent years and expected to grow this year. 


 With the large number of attendees, there will be a widespread exposure to products being advertised, both at the fair and the events that the faire will be involved in. Additionally, with the themed events, there will be plenty of sectors for sponsors to be involved in. Together with the expected growth in numbers in coming years, the sponsors can expect to save money in the long run, while helping attract more visitors.  

Past sponsors of the Idaho Ren Faire


Papa Johns

Freezeout Hill Storage

Shadow Hills Storage

Stinker Store